CRH health care workers air frustrations on national news

Columbus Regional Health nurses and health care workers vented their frustrations with the current COVID-19 surge in a national news segment on ABC News.

Becky Bevis, a surgical nurse at CRH, said that she is frustrated and feels like the virus should have been squelched in the first year. She said constantly dealing with the virus leaves her exhausted.

Dr. Lee Kiser, hospitalist at CRH, told ABC that there are fewer health care workers than a year ago. He said that the hospital was prepared for the pandemic to be difficult, but not difficult for two years with no end in sight. In some ways, he said he thinks the community has turned away from doing what needs to be done to stem the pandemic.

Bartholomew County is showing a 7-day positivity rate of 22 percent, slightly lower than the statewide positivity rate of 25.4 percent. Newly reported cases in Bartholomew County, as of Tuesday, stood at 229, a new record high, beating out Friday’s 225. The highest point during last winter’s surge was 126 positive cases.

Bartholomew County had 50 hospitalizations for COVID-19 according to the most recent figures available from the Community COVID-19 Task Force.

You can view the ABC News segment here