CRH moving forward with plan for large farmland project

Columbus city officials will be considering a nearly 700 acre development by Columbus Regional Health on the west side of the city next week.

The hospital is proposing a new district, called the City View district, to cover the development of the property on the south side of Jonathan Moore Pike, which stretches from Interstate 65 to the railroad tracks just to the west of the downtown area. The area has previously been known as Garden City Farms.

Jeff Bergman, planning director for the city, said that the plan, if adopted by the city, would guide the future development of the property by becoming a master plan for the hospital and a part of the city of Columbus Comprehensive Plan. The proposed district plan includes a future health care facility, residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, and a research & development campus. It sets aside open spaces, green corridors, and room for other amenities.

Columbus Plan Commission will consider adopting the plan at its August meeting. If approved there, the next step would send the plan to Columbus City Council for final adoption.

The plan commission is looking for public comment on the proposal. If you would like to attend the meeting you can do so in person or virtually via WebEx. You are also invited to submit written comments prior to the meeting, but those should be sent by noon on Aug. 9th.

The plan commission meets at 4:30 p.m. on August 9th at Columbus City Hall.

You can find a  draft of the plan here: