CRH request annexation of sprawling west side development

Columbus Regional Hospital will be asking the city to annex about 688 acres of property it owns on the west side of the city.

The property is being called the City View District and broad plans to develop the area were approved last month by Columbus City Council. That plan includes residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, a research & development campus, open spaces, green corridors, and room for other amenities. The property is south of Jonathan Moore Pike between Interstate 65 and Garden City. The intent is to develop the property, formerly know as Garden City Farms, over many years.

As part of the city, after the development completes streets those would be turned over to the city for maintenance. Annexation would also allow for city utilities to be provided to the development. The city parks department estimates that it would need four more staff members along with more equipment such as mowers to maintain the proposed parks and public spaces. And the City Department of Public Works estimated it would need more employees to complete trash, recycling and yard waste routes as well as for street sweeping, sign maintenance and other maintenance.

The hospital is requesting that the Columbus Plan Commission recommend approval of the annexation request when it meets Wednesday. Plan Commission meets at 4 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Columbus City Hall.