CRH suspending elective surgeries in face of COVID surge

Columbus Regional Health is suspending all elective surgeries in several departments due to the surge in COVID-19 cases.

The hospital announced Friday afternoon that it is suspending those procedures in the Surgical Services, Endoscopy Center and Outpatient Cath Lab as of Monday. That is for all elective, non-urgent surgeries and procedures.

The suspension of non-urgent and non-emergent surgical procedures is geared toward the preservation of healthcare resources, which are at critical capacity.

Patients with scheduled surgeries and/or procedures will be contacted by their physician’s offices about the changes. If you have questions, you are encouraged follow up with their physician or surgeon office directly.

CRH is prioritizing procedures and interventions that are emergent and cannot safely be delayed for the patient. A team of physicians will be determining on a case-by-case basis which procedures meet the criteria.