Cummins Accelera brand to lead on zero emissions

Cummins is combining its zero emissions programs into a new brand called Accelera under the New Power business unit.

The company is combining the branding of its various zero-emissions solutions offerings under the new brand, including hydrogen-producing electrolyzers, battery and fuel cell power solutions, e-axles and traction systems. The goal is to provide Cummins solutions to decarbonize industries and their equipment, including buses, trucks, trains, construction equipment, stationary power and industrial processes.

Amy Davis, head of the New Power business unit will serve as president of Accelera. Davis said “the purpose of Accelera is simple – to secure a sustainable future for the industries that keep the world running.”

Cummins Destination Zero strategy focuses on moving to zero emissions across Cummins products by 2050.

The company unveiled the new branding yesterday.

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