Cummins announces Rumsey’s promotion to CEO

Jennifer Rumsey. Submitted photo

Cummins will have a new boss on August 1st.

The company is announcing that Columbus-native Jennifer Rumsey will be taking over from Tom Linebarger as the company’s chief executive officer. Rumsey is currently the president and chief operating officer.

She will be the Columbus-based engine manufacturer’s seventh CEO and first woman to lead the company.

Rumsey holds a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before coming to Cummins, Rumsey worked for a fuel cell technology company.

She started at Cummins working in research and technology, focused on technology to remove pollutants from diesel engines. She has previously served as president of components and chief technical officer, where she led strategic investments in key technologies to transition to lower carbon emissions products. As chief operating officer she has overseen Cummins’ global operations since March 2021. In February, she was elected to the Cummins Board of Directors.

Rumsey lives in Columbus with her husband and two daughters who are pursuing degrees in engineering.

Tom Linebarger. Submitted photo

Linebarger will continue to serve as chairman of the Board of Directors and in an executive chairman role working directly with Rumsey on initiatives including completing the pending acquisition of Meritor.

You can read the entire Cummins announcement here.