Cummins CEO: Company stands for voting rights

Cummins is taking a stand against voter suppression laws being proposed in statehouses across the country.

Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger issued a statement today saying that Cummins is active in, and supports “efforts to advance voter accessibility and to make this fundamental right more broadly available.”

He said that company officials believe efforts to restrict voting access are discriminatory, largely aimed at Black and brown citizens, and have no place in the inclusive communities the company is committed to building.”

Linebarger also looked back at the company’s history, saying that Cummins advocates for inclusion and equity, as the company did in 1963 when then CEO J. Irwin Miller supported Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington.

Linebarger called on elected officials – at the federal, state and local levels – to advance efforts to provide greater voting access.