Cummins exec speaks at White House in favor of Build Back Better

Cummins Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger was one of three CEOs to speak at the White House yesterday in support of the Build Back Better Act and its climate change initiatives.

Linebarger said that the Columbus-based engine manufacturer supports the Build Back Better Act and believes it’s critical to addressing the existential threat that climate change presents. He said the company believes the Act can help drive innovation, reduce reliance on carbon and contribute to American competitiveness and job creation.

Linebarger said that he is encouraged by the tax credits for clean commercial vehicles, the charging and fueling infrastructure needed to serve them, the new hydrogen production tax credit and the investments in decarbonizing the grid and stationary power.

During the press conference, members of the media asked the president about the news that Supreme Court Justice Breyer is stepping down. The president responded by asking Linebarger if he wanted to be on the Supreme Court. Linebarger said he would have to demur on that question.

Transcript of the Build Back Better CEO Roundtable