Cummins natural gas engine testing ongoing in California

Cummins is touting testing of its new X15N natural gas engine with Knight Transportation.

According to the Columbus-based engine manufacturer, the trucking company has been testing the engines in southern California using renewable natural gas sourced from Clean Energy’s station in Carson, California.

Knight company officials said that they have been pleased with what they have seen from the Cummins 15-liter engine so far.

Dave Williams, Knight-Swift Transportation’s senior vice president of equipment and government relations said the company is ensuring that it will be using “the most reliable and efficient technologies possible…” to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Knight’s company goal is to reduce its CO2 emissions from its transportation fleet by 50 percent by 2035.

Cummins says the X15N natural gas engine is coming out next year and the company expects diesel-like ratings, durability and reliability to help companies lower their carbon emissions without sacrificing capability. The field testing with Knight-Swift will continue through full production of the powertrain in 2024.

Photo courtesy of Cummins