Cummins partnering with Chevron on hydrogen fuel advancements

Cummins will be partnering with Chevron to develop hydrogen fuel and other alternative energy sources for vehicles.

The two companies announced the framework for the partnership yesterday, saying they will collaborate to advance public policy supporting hydrogen as a decarbonizing solution, to build demand for hydrogen powered vehicles and industrial applications, to develop the infrastructure for hydrogen fuel and to leverage Cummins electrolyzer and fuel cell technologies at Chevron refineries.

A Chevron spokesman says hydrogen is one of the solutions the company is looking at to lower carbon emissions. Others include renewable natural gas, blending renewables into fuels, processing bio feed stocks and abatement projects to lower the carbon footprint at refineries.

Amy Davis, president of New Power at Cummins, says that an energy transition is happening and the Columbus-based engine manufacturer recognizes the critical role hydrogen will play in the energy mix. Cummins has deployed more than 2,000 hydrogen fuel cells and 600 electrolyzers around the world.

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