Cummins partnering with Florida power company for green hydrogen hub

A Florida power company is announcing plans to use a Cummins-powered electrolyzer system to produce hydrogen — a step toward carbon-free electricity.

Florida Power and Light Co. announced that the Columbus-based Cummins will supply the utility with a 25-megawatt electrolyzer for Florida’s first green hydrogen plant. The Cavendish Next Gen Hydrogen Hub will use solar energy to power the Cummins equipment, extracting hydrogen from water. The hydrogen would then be mixed with natural gas to power a turbine that would then provide electricity to the power grid.

The Cummins electrolyzer system will contain five Cummins HyLYZER®-1000 PEM electrolyzers producing 10.8 tons of hydrogen a day.

“This project is exciting for Cummins as we establish green hydrogen as a viable way to decarbonize the economy here in the United States,” said Amy Davis, Vice President and President of New Power at Cummins.

“An electrolyzer installation of this magnitude further solidifies PEM technology as a key to reaching zero emissions in energy-intensive industries. FPL’s commitment to the acceleration of the energy transition and support of future demand for affordable renewables is one we passionately share.”

You can read more about the project here.

Image courtesy of Cummins Inc.