Cummins says vegetable oil safe for use in locomotive engines

Cummins says its QSK95 engine can be safely used with renewable diesel. That’s without any negative impact to emission requirements or reliability.

The Columbus-based engine manufacturer made the announcement yesterday, saying that it had partnered with Siemens Mobility to meet the goal of running renewable diesel in the engine for Siemens Charger locomotives. The tests used hydrogenated vegetable oil and tested for performance, emissions and durability.

The vegetable oil has chemical and physical properties like those of diesel fuel, but its fossil-free and has low carbon content. It can reduce carbon by up to 90 percent compared to diesel fuel.

Through its Planet 2050 initiative, Cummins is pledging to address climate change, support communities and use resources wisely. Cummins says the initiative is to develop solutions that enable decarbonization, and achieve industry-leading emissions reductions.

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