Cummins to collaborate on complete hydrogen power system for concrete mixers

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated

Cummins has signed an agreement to prototype a complete hydrogen power system to a concrete mixer company. That will include everything from a hydrogen production system to hydrogen powered drivetrains.

The Columbus based engine manufacturer is announcing that it has signed a memorandum of understanding to produce, test and prove concrete mixer trucks powered by Cummins hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines. The agreement outlines cooperation between Cummins, Terex Advance Mixer Inc., Edge Materials LLC and PCC Hydrogen Inc.

The end goal is to integrate Cummins’ X15H hydrogen internal combustion engines into the Terex Advance Commander series of concrete mixer trucks. Edge Materials, a ready-mix concrete provider, will operate the hydrogen-powered trucks in real-world environments. PCC Hydrogen, an ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen producer based in Louisville, KY, will supply the hydrogen fuel as well as storage and dispensing services.

Jim Nebergall, general manager for hydrogen engines at Cummins explained that the collaboration will be an end-to-end demonstration of how hydrogen internal combustion engines can work in tough applications using real trucks, real infrastructure and real end-users.

Cummins says the four-company collaboration will spearhead a complete approach to decarbonizing concrete mixer trucks, without impacting vehicle performance.