Cummins to invest in solving global water crisis

Cummins is announcing a plan to help solve the global water crisis through sustainable, large scale water projects around the world to be called Cummins Water Works.

The company will initially support the project with $8 million in Cummins grants. It will focus on five of the most water-stressed countries: Mexico, Brazil, India, South Africa and the U.S.

The company says that by 2025, Cummins Water Works will bring fresh water to 20 million people. The company will also work to produce net water benefits that exceed Cummins’ annual water use in all Cummins regions by 2030, and in all Cummins communities by 2050.

Cummins plans to work with The Nature Conservancy on projects in Brazil, the U.S. and India focused on improving, repairing, and strengthening primary water sources that communities depend on. Working with, Cummins will work on projects in Mexico, Brazil, and India focused on improving water cost, quality, and availability in communities.

Submitted photo: Cummins employees work in Indianapolis on Indy Do Day.