Cummins unveils new engine for military use

Cummins is announcing a new, 540-horsepower diesel engine that will be produced for military use.

The company’s Coventry, England branch announced the new ISL9 engine that will be used in commercial on- and off-road vehicles as well as military vehicles such as armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and logistical trucks.

Carlos Gasteazoro-Martin, Cummins Defense Segment Leader, said the engine will be ideal for military customers as well as users looking for a reliable, cost effective, and volume efficient solution.

The company says the engine will provide high performance with low operating costs, while being able to run on military grade high sulphur diesel.

The optimized 9-litre engine increased horsepower by 20 percent, as well as increased torque. The higher power capability allows vehicles to carry a heavier load, without sacrificing speed or reliability.

The company says the engines are now available for vehicle integration and testing purposes through local representatives.

Photo: Cummins L9 engine. Photo courtesy of Cummins