Designs sought for local youth Shine On campaign

The Council for Youth Development in Bartholomew County is looking for submissions of designs for its upcoming  “Shine On” postcard campaign.

For International Youth Day in August the council distributes 8,000 postcards to local youth. The goal is for each postcard to end up in the hands of a young person in the community with a meaningful message written on the back by a community member. The cards will feature four designs by four young artists.

The card designs should illustrate the Shine On theme and should be vibrant, cheerful designs inspiring area children, teens, and young adults. The artwork needs to be saved as a JPG file with 300 dpi, 5 inches x 7 inches and no larger than 1 GB.

Submissions must be scannable and digitally uploaded and contain the words “Shine On” in the design. The deadline to submit artwork is May 10th.

Community members who want to write an inspirational message can pick up postcards from 11 different distribution sites across the community beginning August 1st.

You can submit designs at