Duke says crews are standing by for power outages

Duke Energy has crews standing by to restore power across Indiana but so far there are few outages.

Duke Energy is reporting less than 100 customers without power this morning across Indiana. Most of those customers are in central Indiana.

Chip Orben, with Duke, reports that nearly 1,500 workers are standing by to restore power as soon as they can safely do so. The workers include power line technicians, damage assessors and vegetation workers, including some brought in from North and South Carolina to help in Indiana.

However Duke is cautioning that the hazardous road conditions could delay crews’ ability to begin restoring power. More than six inches of heavy, wet snow and ice buildup from freezing rain can both result in power outages.

With the expected cold temperatures over the next few days and nights, you should make alternative housing arrangements, especially if you have elderly residents or those with special medical needs.

To report power outages, you can text “OUT” to 57801 or call 800-343-3525.