Emergency officials offer tips for severe weather protections

With the severe weather in our area overnight and the start of tornado season coming soon, state emergency officials are offering safety tips.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security says that if you have to take shelter during a severe weather threat, you should move to the lowest floor of a sturdy building such as a basement, safe room or storm shelter. If you don’t have such shelter, you should use an interior room or a hallway that has no windows. Blankets, pillows and furniture can provide additional protection.

If you are in a vehicle when severe weather hits, officials say your best choice is to get out and take shelter in a strong building. If you have to stay in the car, keep your seatbelt on, lower your head below the window and cover your head and neck with your arms and a blanket.

They also say not to try to shelter underneath of a bridge or overpass. Strong winds could cause the structure to collapse. You are also not protected from flying debris under a bridge. And if your vehicle is stopped there, you can block the roadway, preventing emergency crews from passing through or impeding others who are trying to reach better shelter.

The department also suggests that you have several ways of getting accurate and updated weather reports including radios and smartphone apps.

According to weather statistics, April, May and June are the months where tornadoes are most likely in Indiana.