Emergency officials warn of dangers of heat-related illnesses

You can expect another hot and humid day today with heat indexes of more than 100 in central and southern Indiana.

The scorching weather can quickly cause heat-related illnesses. Capt. Mike Wilson with the Columbus Fire Department explains that people need to listen to their body and respond quickly when they have symptoms of heat-related illnesses including Heat Stroke or Heat Exhaustion.

Heat Stroke is more serious and you should call 911 if someone is experiencing the symptoms, Wilson said. The telltale symptom is a lack of sweating, he said.

Symptoms include a throbbing headache and confusion, but no sweating. Their skin could be red, hot and dry. There will be a rapid, strong pulse and a victim could lose consciousness. You should get a heat stroke victim to a cool place and use cool cloths or a bath to cool them down.

You should not give liquids to a victim of heat stroke.

Wilson says if a victim feels faint or dizzy, has excessive sweating, cool pale or clammy skin, a rapid weak pulse and muscle cramps, they could be suffering from Heat Exhaustion. You should get them to a cool, air-conditioned place, have them drink water if they are conscious and take a cool shower or use cool compresses.

Our area remains under an excessive heat warning today with record-breaking temperatures in the upper 90s. That warning remains in effect until 9 tonight.