Exhibit Columbus chooses theme for next round of talks, displays

Exhibit Columbus is announcing the theme for next month’s symposium and next year’s exhibitions at architectural landmarks around the city. It will be Public by Design.

Exhibit Columbus, launched in 2016, has two year cycles with a symposium hosted one year, and the installation of exhibits around the city next year. According to organizers, the upcoming cycle will celebrate “creative methods of collaboration that communities and designers can use to grow a sense of belonging and connection in public spaces.”

The theme is meant to explore revitalizing and reimagining historic downtowns as equitable, beautiful, healthy, and joyful places.

The symposium will be October 21st and 22nd in downtown Columbus. This year’s event will move away from the traditional symposium format, instead holding public events to create opportunities for engagement between the designers and the citizens of Columbus.

You can get more information at exhibitcolumbus.org