Exhibit Columbus holding seminars on upcoming cycle

The shape of Exhibit Columbus for the next two years will be outlined Tuesday and Wednesday at events being held in downtown Columbus.

Exhibit Columbus launched in 2016, featuring two year cycles of events culminating in exhibitions with installations at prominent Columbus landmarks. The next series of events will launch with a symposium in October.

Seminars outlining the next two-year cycle will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday and Wednesday in the Helen Haddad Hall at the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic offices on Franklin Street.

Tuesday morning’s seminar will bring community leaders from around the state to Columbus to talk about a recent study that explores how to better use downtown Columbus to bring in more people and to produce a more resilient economy. Leaders from Bloomington, Franklin and Indianapolis will be in town to discuss the study and ways that the city can better make use of assets such as as the arts and culture district downtown and the riverfront.

Wednesday’s seminar will introduce the six curatorial partners for the next round of Exhibit Columbus and the four locations that will be the subject of this year’s Irwin and Xenia Miller Prize Community Curators — The Bartholomew County Public Library, the downtown civic infrastructure, Mill Race Center and Mill Race Park.