Fake check scams hitting Indiana mailboxes

The Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana is warning about a scam where fake checks show up in your mailbox, allowing scammers to steal hundreds or thousands of dollars from you.

The consumer group is warning of the checks, some of which may appear to come from the Better Business Bureau itself or legitimate businesses. The fake check scams could be part of a fake employment scheme, a fake purchase attempt or even a lottery or sweepstakes swindle.

The scammer wants you to deposit the real-looking check, and then send them back part of the proceeds. But while the money appears temporarily to be in your account, it will soon bounce, leaving you stuck without the money you sent to the scammer.

The fakes could appear to be regular checks, cashier’s checks or money orders. You need to know that just because the bank initially credits money to your bank account, the money from a fake check will eventually be taken away.

You can find a link to more information here.