Fake jail call scam tricks residents into sending money

Deputies are warning about a phone scam that is making a return.

Jennings County Sheriff’s Department is warning that if you receive a call from someone who claims to be from a police agency or a family member saying that they need bond money, you should be on alert. The phone connection is usually bad, making it hard to hear the caller and the caller demands money be sent immediately.

Deputies suggest that you should verify that the situation is legitimate before you send money. But you should not ask the caller for return phone number. Instead, get the name of the person claiming to be an officer. Then locate a legitimate phone number for the agency and call that number to verify the situation. You will find out that it is almost certainly a scam.

You should never give out any bank info or personal info over the phone.

If you have doubts you can call the Jennings County dispatch center at 812-346-4911 and ask to speak to a deputy. The deputy will help you verify if the call is legitimate.