Farm equipment out on area roads for planting work

A local legislator is urging you to look out for farm equipment on area roads.

State Representative Jim Lucas, a Seymour Republican, says that Hoosier farmers are out on the road in planters, sprayers, tractors and large trucks for this year’s planting season. These vehicles often take up much of the roadway. When you find yourself driving behind the large equipment, you need to be patient. Some of the apparatus move slow, with speeds as low as 25 mph.

Many accidents involving farm equipment happen on hills and curves on the road. If you do need to pass farm equipment, make sure to do so slowly and safely, keeping an eye out for oncoming traffic. And be alert if a piece of equipment pulls off on the right side of the road because instead of making way, they could be preparing for a wide left turn.

Lucas urges you to share the road and to be safe. His district includes part of southern Bartholomew County.