Fentanyl-laced fake painkillers causing local overdoses

Local authorities are warning about a surge in overdoses due to counterfeit pain killers that are actually laced with fentanyl.

The Jennings County Sheriff’s Department says there have been three overdoses over the weekend, with two linked to the fake Oxycodone 30s pills. They say that the powerful, synthetic opioid fentanyl is being mixed into the pills, making them extremely dangerous.

The fake pills are blue and inscribed with an M on one side and the number 30 on the other.

The sheriff’s department is urging you to be extremely cautious if you or someone you know comes into contact with these pills. You only purchase prescription medications from a pharmacy and not from illegal sources.

If you have any information on these pills or their distribution, your should call the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 346-5111