Finke-Scott chosen for BCSC Hall of Fame

Susan Finke-Scott

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools have added Columbus North assistant principal Susan Finke-Scott to the district’s Education Hall of Fame.

At this week’s school board meeting, board member Kathy Dayhoff-Dwyer recalled Scott’s influence on her when she was a student in Scott’s English class and had to memorize Hamlet’s soliloquy.

Selection committee member Larry Perkinson praised Scott’s dedication to the students and the teaching profession.

North Principal David Clark said that Scott began her teaching career at Hauser High School before coming to BCSC in 1979 to teach English. She went on to become a dean and then assistant principal.

Scott looked back on her career, remembering the times before computers, email and other modern changes:

Scott recalled other changes in her time — a time before standardized testing.

Scott was the 47th educator added to the hall of fame.

Photos courtesy of Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.