Firefighters battle shed fire on east side of Columbus

Columbus firefighters battled a fire in a shed that caused about $10,000 in damages Tuesday evening on the east side of the city.

According to reports from the Fire Department, firefighters were called to the 1700 block of Timbercrest Drive at about 7:29 p.m. Tuesday evening after witnesses saw the shed fire. Firefighters were on scene within three minutes and the shed was showing heavy flames. The building was about 20 feet from the residence.

Firefighters used a hose line to extinguish the fire within minutes. The flames were confined to the building and didn’t damage the home.

The homeowner said that shed had power and several tool power charging stations were near the area of origin. There were also flammable liquids inside. A portable space heater was in the shed but was not plugged in.

The shed and its contents are a total loss. Investigators say the cause of the fire will likely remain undetermined.

Columbus Firefighter Jarrad Mullis inspects the interior of a storage shed after a fire on Timbercrest Dr. Tuesday. Photo courtesy of Columbus Fire Department.