Firefighters drag dryer outside to douse fire

Columbus firefighters extinguished a dryer fire at a home on McCullough Lane Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports from Columbus Fire Department, a resident at a home in the 3200 block of McCullough Lane noticed smoke coming from the laundry room. Smoke alarms went off and he could see flames at the bottom of a dryer. The homeowner unplugged the dryer, then tried to use baking flour and a water hose to put the fire out, and finally tried to pull the dryer outside of the home.

Firefighters were dispatched at about 12:44 p.m. and found flames still visible on the dryer. They finished dragging it outside and fully extinguished the fire.

An inspection of the dryer revealed that the fire had started in the lint trap. Columbus Fire Department says you should check the lint trap before each load, and have dryer vents cleaned every year.

Photo: Columbus Fire Department Lieutenant Leroy Armstrong applies water to a smoldering clothes dryer outside of a McCullough Lane home Tuesday afternoon. Photo courtesy of Columbus Fire Department.