Five arrested in more Jennings County raids of nuisance homes

The Jennings County Sheriff’s Department continues to crack down on residences with drug activity and frequent police involvement.

According to reports from the sheriff’s department, deputies raided two houses on Wednesday, confiscating drugs and arresting five people. The addresses of the homes are not yet available.

Two of those arrested are facing charges for maintaining the common nuisances. 32 year old Ashley Baker and 25-year-old Ricky Anderson III both of North Vernon are also facing preliminary charges of possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Freeman said that if people continue causing problems for their neighbors, they can expect to see deputies at their door very soon. This comes on the heels of two raids last week on nuisance homes in Country Squires Lakes.

Others arrested Wednesday include:

  • Sheldon Vanosdol, 31, North Vernon, Out of County Warrant
  • Tanner Cornett, 26, North Vernon, Possession of Syringe, Possession of Methamphetamine, Jennings County Warrant
  • Trinity Patton, 21, North Vernon, Out of County Warrant

Photo courtesy of Jennings County Sheriff’s Department