Flushing of fire hydrants begins in Columbus

The city of Columbus will begin flushing fire hydrants today.

According to Columbus City Utilities, contractors M.E. Simpson will be flushing the hydrants as part of the city’s annual hydrant flow testing program. The purpose is to confirm system pressure and flow for public health purposes and firefighting. Each year the city tests about 20 percent of the hydrants to make sure they comply with industry standards.

The utility warns that you may see some discoloration in your water during nearby flushing. You should not wash laundry the evening of or the morning after the flushing. The sedimentation is completely harmless to your health, but can discolor clothing and other articles.

While streets are generally open to traffic while the testing is going on, if you come upon a flushing crew while driving use caution. The water spout can obscure your vision of the roadway. You should obey the directions of the crews and wait for the flush to end. You should also keep children from playing in the water flows or around the crews as drivers may not see children in the roadway.

You can find more information on where the testing is happening by going online to www.columbusutilities.org.