Four accused of rape, human trafficking in Bartholomew County investigation

Four people have been arrested after an investigation into rape and human trafficking in Bartholomew County .

According to the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department, three people were arrested on Tuesday by deputies and a fourth Wednesday in Washington County with the assistance of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, the investigation started in July after Columbus Regional Hospital Police and Adult Protective Services became involved in a case where a child was born to the victim, a mentally disabled adult with the cognitive abilities of a toddler. Authorities say that she did not have the mental ability to consent to enter into a sexual relationship.

Further investigation revealed sexual material involving the victim had been shared on an internet chat line and on a website frequently used to sell adult sexual content. A court document also alleges that the victim was taken to Salem, Indiana up to 15 times to be sexually assaulted by a suspect there.

Sheriff Chris Lane said that he is shocked by those “who would take advantage of and abuse others for their personal gain or desires.” He also praised Lt. Kevin Abner who led the investigation into the allegations.

Those arrested on felony charges of promotion of human sexual trafficking and rape were 37-year-old Brandon A. Jacobs of Jonesville, 27-year-old Christina L. Moffatt of Seymour, 41-year-old Christopher S. Lovell of Seymour and 65-year-old Jon A. Arnold of Salem.

Their bond was set at $450,000 each.

Christina L. Moffatt
Brandon A. Jacobs
Christopher S. Lovell
Jon A. Arnold