Heavy rain is causing flooding danger; thunderstorm watch remains in effect

An Areal Flood Watch is in effect in our area including, Johnson, Shelby, Brown, Bartholomew, Decatur, Jackson and Jennings counties.

The National Weather Service says that excessive rain runoff is leading to flooding of rivers, creeks, streams and other low-lying and flood prone locations. Creeks and streams may rise out of their banks.

Some areas of south-central Indiana have seen as much as two inches of rain this evening and more heavy rain is expected.

You should be prepared to take action should flash flooding begin to occur.

The areal flood warning is in effect until 8 a.m.

A severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect until 2 a.m.  More heavy rain is expected overnight as a system moves in from south central Illinois and a warm front stretches across the area and interacts with an unstable and very moist atmosphere.