Hoosier National Forest burning begins soon

The U.S. Forest Service will begin seasonal prescribed burns soon in the Hoosier National Forest.

The agency says that fires are used to maintain, restore or improve habitat for wildlife, to maintain wetlands, to restore and maintain unique barren communities, and to restore oak-hickory dominated ecosystems. Areas being considered for burning this fall have signage placed in advance. Determination of whether a fire will be held will be made on the day of the burn after evaluating conditions. You can expect to see smoke from the fires. If smoke is over a roadway, you should reduce you speed and turn on your headlights.

The forest service will notify nearby residents and businesses one to two days beforehand.

Areas designated for burns are closed to all public entry, including hunting, on the day of the burn and until the area is considered safe. For your safety, if you are planning to camp or hunt in an area near a prescribed burn, you should contact the Indiana Interagency Coordination Center Dispatcher (812-547-9262).