Hot weather, high ozone brings dangers today

It will be scorching hot for the next few days and hard to breath for some people.

Our area is under a heat advisory starting at 8 this morning with heat index values of up to 109, according to the National Weather Service.

The high temperatures and high humidity can quickly cause heat illnesses.

The weather service warns that you should drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors. Young children and pets should not be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances.

The heat advisory is in effect through midnight Friday.

Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location. Heat stroke is an emergency and you should call 9 1 1.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has also declared an Air Quality Action Day statewide for today.

That means that a combination of high temperatures, light winds, and other factors, are expected to produce conditions where high levels of ground-level ozone emissions may exceed federally mandated standards.

High ozone levels near the ground acts a lung irritant. It can cause coughing and breathing difficulties for sensitive populations. Children, the elderly, and anyone with heart or lung conditions should reduce or avoid exertion and heavy work outdoors today.

IDEM says that the state is also going to continue to be affected by the Canadian wildfires.

The alert is in effect until 11:59 p.m. tonight.

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