Indiana AG warns of scammers faking government calls

The Indiana Attorney General’s office is warning about scammers pretending to be with government agencies in order to take your money.

Scammers will call a potential victim, spoofing a Caller ID number that appears to be legitimate, and try to talk you into giving them money to sign up for a government service, to pay a fee or fine.

One of the keys to recognize the scam is that the callers will frequently require you to make a payment by pre-paid debit card or store gift cards, by cash app, wiring money or using cryptocurrency. No legitimate government agency will ever ask for those sorts of payment methods, especially over the phone.

Attorney General Todd Rokita warns that you should never give your financial or personal information to someone who calls, claiming to be with the government.

You can look for more information on the Indiana Attorney General’s website under the Consumer Protection section.