INDOT suggests improvements to protect mailboxes

INDOT is urging you to reinforce your mailbox before severe winter weather hits.

The agency says that there are steps you can take to reduce the danger of a plow damaging your mailbox. INDOT points out that while plow drivers are careful to avoid mailboxes, the weight of snow thrown by the snowplow blades can still damage mailboxes that are not properly secured or that have weak supports.

INDOT recommends you place a new mailbox as far from the edge of the roadway as a mail carrier can reach. Clearing snow from the access area near a mailbox can also ensure safer mail deliveries.

The agency suggests that you inspect your mailbox, making sure it is firmly in the ground and securely mounted. You should check for deteriorated/rusted posts and/or mounts.

You should also place a six-to-eight-inch piece of reflective tape on the mailbox so that it can be seen at night.