IUPUC introducing civics camp for children this summer

IUPUC will be holding a new civics-related program this summer for local youth as a way to encourage youth to spark change and better the community.

According to the school, the new iEngage program will be a free weeklong program for students in 4th through 8th grade. It is a civics education program offered through the IU Center on Representative Government, a non-partisan, educational institution founded by former Indiana congressman Lee Hamilton. The center’s goal is to to improve the public’s understanding of the role of representative government, strengthen civic engagement, and teach the skills that are essential to sustaining representative democracy.

The iEngage program is modeled after a successful program started at Baylor University a decade ago.

Each day, campers will work on tackling an issue that’s important to them, while also learning from local leaders and organizations who work to solve community issues.

There will be no cost to the students, lunch will be provided along with transportation to Foundation for Youth.

The program will be from June 26 to 30, with registration opening on March 15.

To learn more about iEngage, including how to get involved, visit go.iu.edu/iengage.