Ivy Tech Day calls for donations to support students

Ivy Tech is looking for your donations today on Ivy Tech Day.

The Ivy Tech Foundation is organizing this as a statewide day of giving to help support students pursuing higher education. The school says that Columbus Mayor Mary Ferdon has ordered the Robert N. Stewart Bridge be turned green in recognition of Ivy Tech Day.

Columbus Chancellor Stephen Combs is offering to gift an arcade cabinet to the campus if 200 individual donations are made to the school today.

This is the second year for the initiative which is part of the Foundation’s 5-year, $285 million campaign. Last year’s fund drive generated 2,032 gifts with more than $243,000 raised.

Ivy Tech was founded in 1963. The school now has 19 campuses and more than 190,000 students.

Just after midnight the school began accepting donations toward its goal of breaking down barriers to higher education. You can make a donation online at ivytech.edu/giveday .