Jackson County deputies recover quarter pound of meth

Jackson County deputies recovered a quarter pound of methamphetamine and arrested two people after a traffic stop Sunday.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Departments, a deputy noticed an SUV headed northbound on State Road 135 at about 4:35 p.m. Sunday and recognized that the owner was wanted on an outstanding warrant for a probation violation. The deputy attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver continued to drive slowly away and then items were thrown from the passenger window.

The vehicle finally stopped and the deputy along with Brownstown Police stopped the vehicle, removing the driver and passenger. The driver and vehicle owner was 23-year-old Cory M. Cowles of Seymour and the passenger was identified as 36-year-old Jose R. Sanchez-Ortiz, also of Seymour. A police dog was brought to the scene and alerted to the odor of drugs in the vehicle and search recovered a small amount of methamphetamine on the floor.

But a search of the area where the deputy saw items being thrown out recovered a large bag filled with meth and a glass smoking pipe.

Cowles and Sanchez-Ortiz are facing preliminary charges including dealing methamphetamine, obstruction of justice, resisting law enforcement with a vehicle as well as for possessing the meth and paraphernalia.

Cory Cowles
Jose Sanchez Ortiz