Jackson County legislators offer updates at chamber event

Jackson County legislators say that most of their work is bipartisan with little disagreement across the aisle. But the remaining sliver of angry rhetoric is what draws headlines and attention.

Legislators spoke on Friday at the legislative breakfast organized by the Jackson County Chamber and Brownstown Ewing MainStreet.

Among those in attendance were Congresswoman Erin Houchin, State Senator Eric Koch, and State Representatives Jim Lucas, Dave Hall and Chris May, all Republicans.

Houchin said that constituents may think that the daily business in Congress is divisive. But of the 134 bills passed this year, 118 were completely bipartisan.

Houchin said that much of the anger is generated by a small percentage of the legislators on either end of the political spectrum.

Hall said that he has to get support from Democratic voters because his district also includes part of Bloomington and Monroe County. But after being in campaign mode, he found that the people in those communities are focused on solving the same problems as more conservative areas such as drug addiction and the affordability of housing.

Hall said that he has found most bills are nearly unanimous or at least bipartisan.