Jail inmates moved to save costs, improve safety

The Bartholomew County Jail inmates have all been moved into the new section of the jail as a way to increase efficiency and safety.

Bartholomew County Sheriff Chris Lane said that the move will allow the jail to operate more efficiently, given the current limitations. He said the move will eliminate the need for corrections officers to be spread over a larger area making it more efficient to manage day to day operations. He said the move will also reduce the amount of overtime being worked by corrections staff and hopefully improve the work-life balance of jail officers, helping relieve some of the pressures leading to staffing problems.

Lane has explained to county officials that the department is having a hard time finding and retaining jail staff and is consistently running below required staffing levels.

The change will also allow contractors to complete a HVAC renovation project, while providing relief to the inmates from the summer heat. While the inmates are relocated, the department will work to improve the unused older jail pods and cells, so the space will be available for when the jail population grows.

Lane said that the jail’s drug treatment programs will not be effected by the changes.