Jennings deputy to be stationed at Country Squire Lakes

Jennings County Sheriff’s Department will be assigning a deputy full-time to the Country Squire Lakes neighborhood.

The Sheriff’s Department announced this week that the Jennings County Council had approved the plan for the position, with most of the funding coming from the neighborhood. Country Squire Lakes would cover the cost of the deputy’s salary, fuel and also a small amount to cover benefit such as insurance. The council agreed to cover other costs.

Sheriff Kenny Freeman said that while 12 percent of the county population lives in the neighborhood, 17 percent of the county’s emergency calls come from there. He said that Country Squire Lakes management plans to have a public safety building built inside of CSL to house fire suppression equipment and a law enforcement office.

Freeman said the new position will allow a deputy “to focus on CSL as their primary patrol and to have a better response time in the event of emergencies…” It will also free up other deputies for the rest of the county, Freeman said.

Freeman said that Deputy John Hartman will assigned to the neighborhood. Other deputies will also continue their patrol and response within Country Squire Lakes.