Jennings Sheriff recognizes employees for sexual assault investigation

The Jennings County sheriff is recognizing deputies and dispatchers who helped in a November investigation into the sexual abuse of a girl.

Sheriff Kenny Freeman recently presented commendations to deputies Garrett Hoppock and Morgan Gabbard. Dispatchers Ammie Loretz and Taylor Anderson were presented with Knights of Justice Awards from the American Police Hall of Fame. The sheriff said the awards were for the employees’ relentless pursuit for justice for the Jennings County juvenile.

The sheriff says that Gabbard and Hoppock began investigating the sexual assault and battery of the girl, which happened in an adjoining county. He said that through the diligent efforts of both deputies and dispatchers, suspects and locations were identified. He said that information along with more details relating to the case were gathered and forwarded to the appropriate agency for prosecution.

Freeman noted that the dispatchers assistance went above and beyond a dispatcher’s job description and what they are asked to do day in and day out.