Landmarks group recognizes rebirth of Crump Theatre

A state preservation organization is praising the work done to rehabilitate the Crump Theatre in downtown Columbus.

Indiana Landmarks celebrated the progress as it looked back on several buildings that had been on the group’s most endangered places list. The Crump was named to the list in 2019, five years after it was shut down to due to fire and safety concerns by emergency officials.

The organization says that a rotted roof was letting weather into the building and sections of ceilings and walls had collapsed. Mildew, bird droppings, graffiti and trash littered the inside of the building that was a former opera house turned Art Deco movie theater.

The Save the Crump campaign began repairs with donated materials and labor, and $160,000 from the Columbus Capital Foundation, which owns the building. Hundreds of volunteers cleaned and renovated the building from top to bottom. The work included replacing the roof, adding new marquee panels, repairing plaster, and conserving a mural in the lobby.

The building was able to receive an entertainment permit in August, allowing it to reopen. Since then the Crump has hosted events ranging from movies to concerts and a boxing tournament.

Jess Schnepp, project manager for the theater rehabilitation told Indiana Landmarks that being able to hold events again has been extremely rewarding. She said the response has been phenomenal.

You can find more information on the Crump Theatre Instagram or their Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Crump Theatre