Local COVID-19 Task Force: CRH preparing for surge in patients

Columbus Regional Hospital has been preparing for the anticipated surge in patients needing care for COVID-19. Hospital President and CEO Jim Bickel took part in a Community COVID-19 Task Force video Monday afternoon.

He explained that the hospital has repurposed two outpatient physician facilities to handle COVID-19 patients.

They are meant to maximize social distancing and keep possible COVID-19 cases separate from other patients. But before you go to one of the facilities you should call the hospital’s COVID-19 Triage Resource Call Center.

Bickel said the COVID-19 Triage Resource Call Center is the best source of information for those with symptoms or care questions. The center is handling 400 to 500 calls a day and has trained nursing staff on hand to take your calls.

You can call 812-379-4449.