Local farm families honored at Indiana State Fair

A number of area farming families were among the 96 honored with the Hoosier Homestead Award. Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch and Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director Bruce Kettler presented the award Friday at the Indiana State Fair. The 96 families set a new record in the program’s 40-year history.

To be named a Hoosier Homestead, the farm had to be kept in the family for at least 100 consecutive years, and consist of more than 20 acres or produce more than $1,000 in agricultural products per year.

Since the program was established in 1976, more than 5,600 families have received the award.

“The vast majority of farms in Indiana are family owned and operated,” Crouch said. “They are the foundation we rely on as a society, which is something we must never take for granted. It was an honor to recognize these families at the great Indiana State Fair.”

Families were eligible for three different award distinctions. Based on the age of the farm, they received the Centennial Award for 100 years, Sesquicentennial Award for 150 years or Bicentennial Award for 200 years of ownership.

The 2019 summer Hoosier Homestead Award recipients include:

– Bartholomew Burney 1918 Centennial
– Bartholomew Guinn 1836 Sesquicentennial
– Bartholomew Larry Speaker 1908 Centennial
– Bartholomew Thayer 1854 Centennial & Sesquicentennial
– Decatur Kirchhoff 1919 Centennial
– Jackson Bishop 1914 Centennial
– Jackson Goecker (Pfenning) 1857 Sesquicentennial
– Jackson Rieckers 1852 Sesquicentennial
– Jennings Elsner 1919 Centennial