Medic accused of battering combative patient in ambulance

Jeramy Goodnight. Photo courtesy of Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.

A Columbus man is facing charges, accused of attacking a patient while working as an Edinburgh Fire Department medic.

According to Johnson County Sheriff’s Department reports, the incident started on December 27th after a single car crash. Medics and deputies were called to the scene and the injured driver of the vehicle was believed to be intoxicated and acting belligerently.

The man was handcuffed but continued to be belligerent toward a female EMT once he was in the ambulance. That’s when 42-year-old Jeramy Goodnight allegedly pressed down on the victim’s eyelids with his thumbs, causing the victim to scream in pain.

Two sheriff’s deputies were in the ambulance at the time and reported the incident to a supervisor. The sheriff’s department investigative division was then asked to look into the incident. After the investigation was complete, the case was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office. On Friday, Goodnight was formally charged with official misconduct and battery.

Prosecutor Joe Villanueva said situations can be frustrating for first responders, but there are lines that cannot be crossed. He said the victim was not a threat to anyone in the ambulance. He said part of doing this job is having a thick skin and letting comments slide, which should have happened here.

The victim did not suffer any serious injury.