New high set for Bartholomew COVID-19 positive tests

Bartholomew County continues to see a surge in COVID-19 with the highest single-day total of positive test results since the start of the pandemic.

According to information released yesterday by the Indiana State Department of Health and the Community COVID-19 Task Force, Bartholomew County had 170 positive tests on Wednesday. The previous high number came on Monday, with 138. During the worst of the pandemic last winter, the highest single day positive was only 126.

Bartholomew County is also seeing the highest numbers of tests administered so far in the pandemic.

According to the local task force, Bartholomew County has 51 people hospitalized for COVID-19 as of Wednesday The highest single day number of hospitalizations came in December of 2020 with 59 people hospitalized. The hospitalization numbers have stayed above 40 for all but one day of the last month.

About 57 percent of the population in the county is fully vaccinated, or almost 48,000 people. 20,480 are fully vaccinated and have taken a booster shot.

Indiana has also set another record for daily coronavirus cases. The State Department of Health yesterday reported over 15-thousand cases. That’s two thousand more than the previous record set on Wednesday. Almost all of the positive cases are omicron cases.

More than 3,000 people are in hospitals across the state with the virus.

TTWN Media Networks Inc. contributed to this report