North Vernon woman arrested after entering vehicles

Jessica Lewis. Photo courtesy of Jennings County Sheriff’s Department.

Jennings County deputies disjointed encounter with a North Vernon woman during an unrelated crash Friday morning, led to her arrest on several charges.

According to Jennings County Sheriff’s Department reports, deputies were investigating a crash with a deer in the Scipio area at about 6:45 a.m. Friday morning. That’s when a woman walked up and asked a deputy for a ride to North Vernon. She then got into the driver’s seat of the truck that was involved in the crash. The truck’s owner yelled at her, leading to her getting out of the truck, walking through heavy traffic despite deputies orders to stop, and then tried to get into a passenger car.

That car had been reported stolen from North Vernon.

The woman, identified as 30-year-old Jessica Lewis, was taken into custody after struggling with deputies and trying to run, police say. They also discovered that she had tried to enter a nearby home before coming upon the crash scene.

She is facing preliminary charges of resisting law enforcement, residential entry and unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle.