Off-duty deputy hiring going through new vendor Monday

Anyone planning to hire off-duty Bartholomew County deputies will now have to go through a third-party company. The county approved a contract in January with Off Duty Management to oversee the scheduling and payment of deputies to be used for security at community functions and businesses.

Sheriff Matt Myers says that the service goes into effect on Monday.

The cost to hire a deputy ranges from $62.70 per hour to $114 for holidays and they must be hired in four hour blocks. The deputies must be scheduled more than 7 days in advance, or an emergency rate of $85.50 per hour will be charged.

Deputies can not be hired to work for any other governmental agency, and the deputies can not take outside employment that conflicts with department policies, regulations, rules, or standard operating procedures or that interferes with their county duties. The deputies are also banned from working at locations where the primary source of income is alcohol sales.

You can get more information at or by calling 877-636-8300